Building the science to prevent obesity.


The University of Minnesota Obesity Prevention Center (U of M OPC) mission is to

  • Foster innovative transdisciplinary research by investigators within and outside of the University of Minnesota.
  • Prepare the next generation of obesity prevention researchers and leaders.
  • Support evidence-based decision making by connecting the community (including policy makers, public health officials, program planners, advocates and the media) to peer-reviewed research on obesity prevention.

Current activities planned for 2015-2018

  • Maintain a lending library of equipment, software, and protocols. A cost and time-saving resource available to support obesity prevention research by faculty and students at the University of Minnesota.
  • Host a seminar series to support professional development of students and faculty, and foster collaboration around new research ideas.
  • Organize and host visiting scholars to share and stimulate new research ideas.
  • Connect U of M researchers and students to research and professional development opportunities through an active listserv.
  • Provide community partners with research findings related to obesity prevention.
  • Seek financial support to sustain and broaden the activities of the U of M OPC.


  • Lisa Harnack, DrPH, RD, MPH, Professor, Epidemiology & Community Health
  • Melissa N. Laska, PhD, RD, Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Community Health