Our Mission is to:

  • Be an educational resource center in the field of obesity prevention, both in our community and nationally
  • Advocate for public policies that address the obesity epidemic.
  • Be a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration:
    within the University of Minnesota,
    between the University and the local community, and
    between organizations nationally and internationally.

Established through the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Presidential Initiative,
the OPC supports:

  1. Research on both the causes and prevention of obesity,
  2. Educational offerings at the undergraduate and graduate level,
  3. Community outreach through educational programs and resources, and active involvement in the development of public health policies to reduce obesity.

We provide:

BlueIconResearch Services
Consulting & Mentorship
Pilot funding
Grant administration
Financial incentives


EducOrangeIconational Resources
MnOPT fellowship program
Obesity-related coursework
Seminars  & Symposia
Online Continuing Education Modules


yellow2IconPolicy Development
We work with community partners to develop and advocate for obesity prevention-related policies.